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Brewing is joy!

Hops, malt, yeast and water – the famous four for beer… Only four raw materials and yet immense variety: Strong or light, bright or dark, bitter or mild beers.
As unique as every single one of us, as individual the beer and the brewery.

Enjoyment and success!

Beers from small, Pub and craft breweries make a significant difference to customary mass beers. They are fresher and more native in character. And they are successful – the number of those breweries is permanently rising worldwide.

Best beers need best brewers!

BdB Bier-Know How GmbH is a company providing absolute competence. We join traditional brewery craftsmanship with most modern technology.
More than 40 years of inventiveness, innovation and experiences with small and medium breweries, the “Beckmann KG” and traditional art of brewing come together and provide a unity in which you can trust.

The best technology!

BdB cares for you and is your partner from the very idea to dispensing and beyond. So our master brewers provide the suitable beer recipe, the right flavour and perfect taste. Yet also most important for a small brewery is that they are often designed as a show-room production, but must not be a beer museum.
Only most modern technique combined with cleanness and conscience of the master brewer guaranties best quality standards – crucial for the success. BdB is a strong partner with planning and strategy, development and production – also for the gastronomic section.