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Bier-Know How GmbH

Our history: Beckmann KG 1968 foundation of Beckmann KG with assistance of Fissler company Idar-Oberstein, core points – plant manufacturing for brew-constructional equipment, patent solutions for special tasks of small – and medium companies.Based on beverage technology developments.

De Bassus Schlossbrauerei zu Sandersdorf

With more than 450 years of Bavarian brewing tradition, producing special beers based on permanent development of new beer types.

BdB Bier Know How GmbH

Based on the Beckmann KG and DeBassus brewery the BdB GmbH was established in 1997 by Ralf Gerwert, who is CEO now. And who has co-created the first German Pub-brewery in 1982. Ever since engaged in brewing technology progression. In 2013 the company profile has widened through the purchase of Tank-Drive company. Providing a special range of dispensing tanks and dispensing equipment.
This exceptional merging of competences around beer makes BdB an ideal partner.
Wether new foundations or company optimisation, sourcing or distribution, commercial or technical questions – BdB knows the solution! Our short-termed available resources will solve your problems promptly. The spectrum ranges from a single consulting, or delivery till turn-key projects.
Always in our focus – the BEER and your commercial success with this vivid, unique product.

Ralf Gerwert
  • Master vintner and oenologist
  • Master Brewer and master maltster
  • Beverages technologist